About CU Cyber

Who We Are

CU Cyber is a student led organization that focuses on the technical and social aspects of cyber security.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help promote awareness and give students the ability to mitigate many of the cyber security threats anyone faces on a daily basis while using their computer. We are actively expanding the resources available to students with an interest in cyber security providing the tools and skills they will need in the future to help develop their personal and professional role in cyber security industry.

Our Achievements

  • 2017 PCDC Runner Up; Our former president, Mackenzie Binns, again took MVP of the competition

  • 2016 PCDC State Champions; Our former president, Mackenzie Binns, took MVP of the competition

How We Do It

We accomplish these goals by training in simulated environments to harden computer security utilizing real world stratagies and competing in capture the flag competitions which are an offensive assault on a computer network. While we teach offensive techniques these are not meant to be applied maliciously or without permission, they are taught so that defensive solutions are more comprehensive.

Weekly Meetings

CU Cyber meetings are held Thursdays at 7pm in the Watt Family Innovation Center room 313.

We will cover security topics and tools in these meetings that can be applied to your professional and daily life.

Guest Speakers

Opportunities may arise throughout the year for guests to attend meetings and provide insight on current security issues and events.

Exciting Competitions

There will be several opportunities during the semester for students to travel to security competitions. This will provide students with the experience of competing against peers from other schools.