Boundaries within the Lab

Networks always off-limits

These are networks that you are never permitted to communicate with under any circumstances.

  • Clemson’s Network
  • The Management VLAN within the lab network
  • Someone else’s VLAN within the lab network[1]

[1] Unless you are given written permission to do so by both the VLAN assignee and the lab admins

Networks you are permitted to access but not permitted to attack

  • The publicly routable internet
  • The VPN VLAN you are automatically added to when log in via the VPN
  • The oVirt web interface for managing VMs
  • The FreeIPA web interface for changing your password

Networks you are permitted to attack

  • VLANS within the lab of which you are the owner or given permission to perform attacks on

Logical Network Diagram

Here is a rough logical network diagram of the lab. Hopefully this may help clarify things.