Requesting Access

Agree to Terms

Email us at [email protected] from your own or email address. This will be used to identify you and we will use this information to confirm that you are a currently-enrolled student. Emails from other domains will simply be ignored.

After we receive and review your request for access we will send you a link to a Google Form that will contain a terms of service agreement regarding the lab. If this is properly filled out, agreed to, and submitted we will create a user account and a VPN config for your user which you will receive via email.

Get LDAP Information and OpenVPN Config

As stated in the previous section, after you agree to the terms of service of the lab you will receive an email with the following information:

  • An OpenVPN configuration that will allow you to connect to the lab network
  • Your username and initial password for domain authentication within our lab

It is important that you do not share this information with anybody else inside or outside of Clemson University. As per the terms of service agreement that you received, this will result in immediate temporary suspension of account and VPN rights while the incident is investigated.

Connect to lab

Information on connecting to the lab can be found here.