Accessing VM Console

Install Remote Viewer

Linux Instructions


sudo dnf install virt-viewer


sudo apt install virt-viewer


sudo pacman -S virt-viewer

Windows Instructions

  • Download and install the installer file for “virt-viewer” called “Win x64 MSI” at the Virtual Machine Manager download page.

macOS Instructions

  • Download and install Homebrew then run the following commands.
brew tap jeffreywildman/homebrew-virt-manager
brew install virt-viewer

Go to in your favorite web browser. Click on “VM Portal” as shown below.

Set Profile and Login

Select the “” profile from the dropdown as shown below and enter your lab credentials.

If you get a message saying your password has expired, then you have not changed your password. Follow the instructions here first.

Open Console

Open the console by clicking the console icon as shown below. This will download a file called “console.vv”. Open this in the Remote Viewer application either by double clicking the file or from the command line in Linux/macOS remote-viewer ~/Downloads/console.vv.